February 18, 2013

Lee Radziwill - Jackie Kennedy's Sister

I love her looks. I think she is much more beautiful and more fascinating than her sister. In the video at the end of this blog  is how she looks today, still beautiful at 79 years old.  It seems she was involved with Onassis before Jackie was and was not pleased when her sister married him. I wonder what what he had that attracted Maria Callas and Lee Radziwill. It couldn't have been money. They both had plenty. I think Jackie wanted to get far away from the U.S. and with someone who had power to keep her safe. 

Nobody's kid sister. She married first to get out of her mother's house and to have an apratment of her own. It didn't last. Next she married a Polish prince, Stanislow Radziwill. They had two children, and Anna Christina, known as "Tina", as seen below with her mother, and Anthony who died when he was 40 years of of cancer. As children they played with Jackie's children, Caroline and John John because they were about the same ages. 

Nobody's kid sister.

She was a good friend of Truman Capote who became more of a sleeze as he aged and became a hopeless drunk. He took her to rock concerts. 

I love this photo

Her New York apartment

The sisters

This room she had decorated in these wonderful Indian cloths

If she has had facelifts they suit her, and they do not make her look like a witch or a ridiculous clown. 


  1. I listened to her interview and she has a deeper voice than Jackie Kennedys. She was also was noted for her fashion sense, BT

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